Let’s Change The Way We Interact With Our Planet… Its Easy!
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At Earthink Project we are ReThinking the way we can interact with our home, planet Earth.
It’s clear the path we have taken thus far is not sustainable, that is a truth we all can agree upon!
Mother Nature really is on our side and is asking for our support, it’s easy….. simply help her Re-Generate with EARTH-HOCl.


The Earthink Project offers education, awareness and options for safe and natural solutions to clean and disinfect our homes, businesses and communities.
We have made EARTH-HOCl simple, easy and all natural just as Mother Nature intended.

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Our Project

The safety and health of Humanity is our project.
To promote Re-Generation of our planet and families health with EARTH-HOCl

We all have a choice

Earth-HOCl brings safety and peace of mind for your family, community. Your choices contribute to help regenerate this planet for future generations.

Enhance our Ecosysem
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With Ideas and Solutions for that change

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towards beingbettercitizens of earth



Sun & fire are the building blocks and the primary source of power for life on earth.


Earth is the only planet in the solar system with an atmosphere that can sustain life. It is essential for plant and animal life both.


Essential to biological processes, earth’s climate and provides the majority of oxygen we breathe.


Our earth contains the minerals, nutrients and materials required to build and develop the incredible things that we see and use daily.

Harmonizing economic benefit and environmental stewardship;

creating a truly sustainable model for people, the economy, and our planet

A Vision for a New Earth 'Sustainable' Economy

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based on our

nature-friendly policy

To source the best solutions for the good of the human race and the planet we adore.

Mother Nature is fighting back with vengeance, it’s time to make her happier.

Our aim with every project we support is to enhance our global ecosystem, reduce negative human impact and improve the health of our planet.


HOCl is naturally found in our immune system created by our white blood cells, or neutrophils, and is used to kill invading microbial pathogens.

Well known

HOCl has been used for many years in the agriculture industry as a natural pesticide and to free the irrigation systems of biofilm. Implementing HOCl on our farms and crops helps produce more organic chemical-free food products. 


Earthink with its partners are here to lead the way to provide the perfected scientifically balanced most  stable product that the market has seen. It will be effective in sanitizing and cleaning our planet.


As a disinfectant, Hypochlorous acid is a very potent oxidant that is without any negative side effects and  is 80 to 100 times more powerful than household bleach!

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Earths Organic Acid and Gift to us all and the Planet