We are driven byour passionto give back


Earthink is engaged in the development and commercial implementation of projects that hold our planetary integrity in the highest regard. Our aim with every project we support is to enhance our global ecosystem, reduce negative human impact and improve the health of our planet.

Our projects are broken down into the 4 basic elements of nature.

We want to give back everything

that we don't need

The pattern of strawberry field with morning mist and layered mountain as background at Doi Ang Khang, Chiang Mai, Thailand.


Our earth contains all the minerals, nutrients and raw materials required to build and develop the incredible things that we see and use daily. From buildings, bridges, roads, vehicles, phones, computers, machinery to virtually everything we can imagine; all are a recreation in some way of our planet. 

Earthink is actively involved in the environmentally sound harvesting of minerals, elements and raw materials primarily for construction and building material with zero negative impact on the flora or fauna.

As an example of the global scarcity and need for sand please click on the links below.



Water is the essence to all life and has also been referred to as the basic substance of the universe. It is an incredible and unique phenomenon because it is the only one known to exist on Earth in all three matter states; liquid (water), solid (ice) and gas (steam or clouds).

Water covers over 70% of the earth’s surface from our creeks and rivers to seas, lakes and oceans. Although it is generally abundant, only 2.5% is in the form of fresh water creating vast challenges worldwide with clean water distribution to all life forms that require it for basic survival.

Water plays a vital role in the world economy from its use in agriculture to being a solvent in chemical and manufacturing processes globally.  It is essential in biological processes, buffers earth’s climate and provides the majority of oxygen we breath; yet we continue to pollute all bodies of water to the point where we are now in a crisis on all levels.

Earthink is working along with other innovative organizations to research and develop advanced methods of desalination for clean water, waste remediation and the generation of clean, safe, renewable and abundant power.

Tree-lined alpine lake, Moraine Lake, in Jasper National Park.
Magic crystal ball atom in nature for summer fantasy imagery


Civilization began when the human race was able to harness fire to create heat and light.  The single largest demonstration of fire on our planet is the sun, which is an amazing blaze of pure fusion energy.

The sun is the primary source of power for all surface phenomena and life on earth.

We are only now beginning to understand how to harness its light, heat and photon energy for the benefit of humanity.

Earthink is actively involved in the research, development and implementation of leading edge solar technologies and making significant progress in realizing endless clean renewable energy in the form of a “small sun” on earth.


Air is a mixture of gases that form the earth’s atmosphere. Often understood as the gases used in breathing and photosynthesis,

Earth is the only planet in the solar system with an atmosphere that can sustain life.

The blanket of gases not only contains the air we breathe but also protects us from the blasts of heat and radiation emanating from the sun.  Warming the planet by day, cooling it by night.

Our challenge with climate change, ozone depletion and poor air quality as a result of pollutants we disperse into the air is daunting. We are in a fragile state of imminent disaster if we don’t act immediately to implement widespread changes.

More than a billion people live in communities that do not meet World Health Organization air quality standards. Restructuring the energy, transportation, and industrial systems that generate the pollutants is mandatory in order to effect any significant change.

Human Head Silhouette. Galaxy Mind

Planet Earth is approximately 4.5 Billion years old. Humankind is approximately 140,000 years old.  If we condensed the earths lifespan into one day, then we have been in existence for all of three seconds.  Look what we have done!! All signs and signals clearly point to the fragility of the health of our planet and the fact that our existence is destroying everything that we need to sustain life. Our trees, oceans, air, animals, plants and all creations are being destroyed, by US.

Our projects are dedicated to creating a world that is guided by nature.
Nature doesn’t need people. People need nature.

The Earthink Project is committed to reducing negative human impact on our planet through harmonizing economic benefit and environmental stewardship. Connecting people, commerce and planet Earth, for a sustainable global business ecosystem.

We are a dedicated, inspired and experienced team of professionals developing sustainable projects, within the global community for the benefit of our environment & humanity.

Our challenge as a society is to continue advancing while maintaining a thriving natural environment. Co-existing with the life that surrounds us to constantly think of new methods and processes to be a living part of our ecosystem.

Earthink's projects encompass the 4 main elements essential for life
Earth, Water, Sun & Air

Our current project pool includes the conversion of water waste oil to fuel, solar thermal electrical generation, enhanced fission and fusion technologies, magnetic power generation and the environmentally friendly harvesting of rare earth elements along with a natural additive for high performance concrete and blocking material. We are working closely with research universities in Canada, Australia, Germany, Austria and China to ensure the continued viability and integrity of our projects.