A Vision for a

New Earth

Sustainable Economy


Connecting people, commerce and planet Earth, for a sustainable global business ecosystem.

Earthink is a company with a movement and purpose that seeks to challenge the status que and team up with mother nature to bring earth friendly solutions to the fore front of the economic structure. 

We are a dedicated, inspired and experienced team of professionals developing sustainable projects, within the global community for the benefit of our environment & humanity.



Our story begins on a familiar place for all of us: Planet Earth – the beautiful blue planet on which we all reside and take its abundance for granted daily. The globe that ultimately produces the air, water and biosphere we need, also provides shelter, energy and grows all the food, nutrients and minerals required to sustain the more than 7.3 billion (*2013) people inhabiting her surface. Since the industrial revolution, large-scale pollution, acidification of our oceans, military build-up, nuclear prolification, world wars and worrisome nano-engineering are creating disharmony and conflict all around the world. Coupled with the notion that we are experiencing changes in our weather patterns, causing more extreme events, possible catastrophic floods and earthquakes, threatening every aspect of our existence. A more peaceful and harmonious relationship between our planet and its inhabitants has rapidly declined to a state approaching an alarming global crisis!

We all know deep down that we, humans, have created this mess.

We recognize the problem and we can create the solutions!

Earthink is a global organization dedicated to the business and integrity of living with our planet along with a philosophy on constantly improving and implementing environmentally sound and nature guided solutions for our complex needs of today and tomorrow.

Harmonizing economic benefit and environmental stewardship; creating a truly sustainable model for people, the economy

and our planet.

This is whyEARTHINK exists and that is our story!